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- First musical training on the clarinet at the age of 10 and since the age of 13 on the saxophone

- 1990 to 1992 attended the vocational school for music in Plattling (Lower Bavaria) with a major in saxophone and minors in clarinet and flute

- 1993 to 1997 jazz saxophone studies with Klaus Graf at the Meistersinger Conservatory in Nuremberg

- since 1991 working as a freelance saxophone / clarinet teacher

- since September 1996 saxophone and clarinet teacher at the district music school of the district of Straubing - Bogen

- since September 1997 saxophone teacher at the Anton Bruckner Gymnasium in Straubing

-since 2005 saxophone and clarinet teacher in the wind class at the Jakob Sandtner Realschule in Straubing

-since September 2018 saxophone and clarinet teacher in the wind class of the Ludwigsgymnasium Straubing.

Musical activities :

- 1990 to 1998 member of the Rock'n Roll and Oldie's Band "Johnny and the Cruisers" ; Appearances in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

- 1990 to 1992 member of the Big Band at the Plattling vocational school

- 1990 to 1992 member of the jazz formation "Next Day"

- 1993 member of the orchestra at the "Dreigroschen Oper" at the Stadttheater Regensburg

- 1993 to 1997 member of the Big Band of the Meistersinger Conservatory in Nuremberg; Live recording of the Bavarian Radio during the Jazz Weekend in Regensburg (1996)

- 1995 to 1996 member of the Regensburg funk/soul band "Fun - Key"

- since 1997 own jazz quartet

- 1999 appearance with the "European Jazz & Swing Collection" (Davide Petrocca, Max Greger jun., Klaus Graf, Charly Antolini)

- since 1999 joint projects with the guitarist Gerhard Kraus

- 1999 appearances with the Nuremberg Dixie - Band "The Hot House Hooters"

- since spring 2001 performances with the pianist Max Greger jr.

- since January 2003 member of the Rock'n Roll and Rhythm & Blues Band "Hot Shakers"

- 2009-2011 member of the band Red Jazz

- since 2011 member of the band Bernie and the Magic Tones

- 2011 appearances with Jenny Boneja & the Ballroom Shakers

- 2013 Crazy Musical Company : Musical Oliver in the Theater am Hagen in Straubing - Bb clarinet and bass clarinet in the orchestra

- 2015 Crazy Musical Company : Musical Sunset Boulevard in the Theater am Hagen in Straubing - Bb clarinet, bass clarinet and alto saxophone in the orchestra

- since 2015 performances with the Dirty Boogie Orchestra

- since 2016 member of ASS´s Groove Reflex

- since 2017 member of the funk and soul band Dr. sparkstone

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Jose Cortijo, Bill Molenhof, Michael "Scotty" Gottwald, Helmut Kagerer, Arno Haselsteiner, Werner Schmitt, Jouli Smirnov, Rainer Tempel, Andreas Gandela, Sebastian Strempel, Gerhard Gschlössl, Uli Jünemann, Hans Heiner Bettinger, Markus Fritsch, Martin Schrack, Max Greger junior, Charly Antolini, Klaus Graf, Davide Petrocca, Karen Caroll, Henning Sieverts, Andreas Blüml, Gerhard Kraus, The Black Magic Big Band ( Galway / Ireland ), Michael Flügel, Manfred "General" Hartlieb; Uwe Hitschfel, Werner Driver, Max Kinker, Mini Schulz, Markus Schieferdecker, Hanns Zischler, Tav Falco, Andreas Sobczyk, Daniel Gugolz, Peter Müller, Frank Muschalle, Ty Tender, Michael Pewny, Bill Haley's Original Comets ( Marshall Lytle -b , Dick Richards - dr, Joe D'Ambrosio - sax, David C. Byrd -p, Jackson Haney-git ) , Christoph Steinbach, Vince Weber, Nina Michelle, Anke Angel, Gail Anderson, Albert Koch , Johnny Schütten, Günter Straub, Armin Guschler, Robert Bernhard, Karl-Friedrich von Hohenzollern, Rick Hollander, Bernd Reiter, Rocky Knauer, Jenny Boneja & the Ballroomshakers, Henry Heggen, Günter Brackmann, Dirty Boogie Orchestra, Father Prost & his Bluesbriederchen, Dirty Boogie Orichestra,


      _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_         _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_         Lessons and workshops at:

Lothar Fischer, Wolfhard Metz, Klaus Graf, Vincent Herring, John Ruocco, Frank Möbus, Jerry Bergonzi, Ernie Watts, George Garzone, Dick Oatts

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